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Mar 6, 2011

Geeking out

Christopher Lloyd is coming to Melbourne for Supernova and as a big BTTF fan, I'm sporadically geeking out about it as the date draws nearer.

So, I totally got my geek on this weekend and made a couple of time-travel t-shirts by cutting up large iron on sports numbers.

On the left is the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future and on the right is the Season 5 Dr Who logo.

I'm definitely going to wear my Flux Capacitor T for one of the days.
I'm just hoping I don't freak out too much or loose my (already pretty hindered) ability to speak if I get to meet him.

Back to the Future has definitely imprinted a LOVE of time travel in me. To the point where I'm a little ashamed to have never watched any Dr Who until last year (thankyou ABC iview!).
I've watched all the new seasons, and have some old episodes waiting to be consumed, and am LOVING it!

Okay, I'm gonna stop now.
Need to tone it down for work tomorrow. Don't wanna push being the office eccentric any more than I have.
Hope everyone has a terrific Monday and a funderful week!

*Edit: Oh, and I know the Dr Who T should've been more of a TARDIS blue, but Best & Less didn't have any XL's left in that color, so I had to settle for navy. That said, 2 shirts for $15! Awesome!

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  1. Twins? - Danny and Arni or "You've seen yourself across the time continuum, oh no!!!!!......What will the future bring?"