I'm an Australian animator from Melbourne living and working in Halifax, Canada.

Currently Animation Supervisor for Copernicus Studio Inc., I amuse myself by terrifying the locals with ukulele fuelled spontaneous sing-alongs and using snow as shaving equipment.

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Jan 29, 2011


Hey everyone, just a quick post.

I little while ago I was asked to take a photo for a website, All the mornings of the world.

The idea was that on monday, january 24th 2011, at 7:59 am, a whole bunch of people from all over the world took a photo.
This was my contribution. I was on the tram on the way to work, in the rain.

It was really interesting to see the other photographs people took, especially the ones in the same timezone as you.
Here's the link again. Check it out if you have a bit of time. (due to the added hour of daylight savings, mine appears in +11 timezone)

Hope everyone's having a great weekend,

Jan 27, 2011

Sketch Dump

Howdey folks,
The portable office that is my backpack was getting a bit heavy, so to lighten the load I've digitised one of the full sketchbooks that was in there. These are the best bits, photoshopped together with textures and shading.

These date from about September through to December of last year, give or take.
Popper posts coming soon,
hope you're having a great Thursday!

Jan 21, 2011

Jan 19, 2011

S'not playing

Quick and tough animation done during lunchtime.
Hope everyone's having a phlegm and mucus free day,

Jan 18, 2011

Beard Video 3

Hey Everyone,
Tracey's coming back from holiday, so I thought removing my face scraggle'd be a good idea.

And now my head hurts, so I'm off to bed.
Should go back and count how many times I slapped myself in the face, but that can wait for another post :)
Hope everyone had a great start to the week,

*Edited using Quicktime Pro and Audacity.

Jan 14, 2011

Frame by Frame

Heya everyone,
Just a quick post about a bit of animation I'm working on.
I thought it'd be a fun exercise to see how complex and refined I could get a shot of frame-by-frame animation without the constrains of deadlines and the inevitable 'eh, close enough. Onto the next...'

This is a cleaned up image of one of my favourite frames with the rough underneath.

It's not going to be finished for a while, but I wanted to share anyway. I'm about a third of the way through cleaning up the roughs (of which, the end still needs a bit of work)
At 13 seconds, It may be a bit short to submit to festivals and the like but -shrug- we'll see.

Hope everyone's having a great start to the weekend,

Oh, while I've got you here,
As some of you may or may not know, The state of Queensland here in Australia has been completely devastated by floods.
If you want to help out the relief appeal, you can find the site here.

Jan 13, 2011

IF: Deja Vu

My submission for Illustration Friday. Theme - Deja Vu

I don't know why, but Deja Vu made me think of mustard...
Hope everyone's having a great Thursday,

Jan 10, 2011

The Gordon Recognises Geelong Banner Ads!

A little while ago I did an animation for the Gordon Insitiute of TAFE

Well, they recently asked me to make some banner ads for the The Geelong Advertiser frontpage! They'll be up in all their banner ad-ed-ness from today until the 20th.
I found it exciting!

Coincidently, banner ads are my full time job at the moment. It was kinda funny like that.

Hope everyone's having a great evening,

Jan 6, 2011

IF: Resolutions

Illustration Friday submission for Resolutions.

ahhhh... nothing much like a play on words
And who says the word "Resolutions" for the first week of January has to have implied meanings anyway?

Hope everyone's having a great evening,
I'm gonna try and post more things soon.