I'm an Australian animator from Melbourne living and working in Halifax, Canada.

Currently Animation Supervisor for Copernicus Studio Inc., I amuse myself by terrifying the locals with ukulele fuelled spontaneous sing-alongs and using snow as shaving equipment.

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May 30, 2011

Request 1: Evil Panda II

Request 1 is done! eleven more to go.

Michael Lombardi: "Draw you and me reunited at last...in battle against an evil panda bear in a funny hat"

Okay so the image doesn't show us currently in battle with the panda, But it's a movie poster so it infers that the movie is about us battling the panda. Don't know why our weapons of choice are cutlery (or why/how this is a sequel), all I know is THAT DAMN PANDA STOLE THE FANCY HAT! And we're out to seek justice!

Hope everyone's had a great Monday,
Tomorrow night, Loop screening at loop bar!

May 27, 2011

Rocketeer and requests

This week's been like a dream. More specifically: it's been like I wasn't sure if I was asleep for most of it and I've come out of it feeling confused. Yup, dreams are like that. But guess what!?

This is my submissions for Loop-de-loop, a monthly animation challenge. A rocketeer and his not so carbon neutral traveling accomplice.

I'm really happy with how this turned out. The run cycle has a bit of sloppiness to it (mostly because the legs change proportion I think) but it was my first real attempt at blasts of fire, which I think turned out pretty well. And thank to my little brother, Chris, for his awesome drumming.
It'll be screening at the loop bar next Tuesday as part of Loop-de-loop. For more details just follow the link back up above the video.

And in an effort to draw more, I've recently taken on some requests. Below is the list and I'll be posting them here as I does 'em.
Which'll be much easier now that my loop is outta the way :P

• Michael Lombardi Draw you and me reunited at last...in battle against an evil panda bear in a funny hat
• Sandra Chiang: yeah i want a rotten onion man meeting cherry radish lady, please!
• Allira Ebony: Zombie Jesus!
• Sebastian Berto :hello kitty jesus with slaughter mandibles and diamond exoskeleton
• Jc Reyes: draw little johnny actaully being funny..... take that!
• Timothy Merks: a giant overweight man being chased by a little leprechaun
• Ben Grimshaw: a voltron-like character fighting a giant grandma, on a volcanic planet
• Pol Sigerson: a live squid coming out of a plastic bag in zero gravity.
• Aaron Burton: you stalking the original Where's Wally in a bid to replace him
• Nicholas Lynn: "A man who ponders life in a world with space dinosaurs"
• Lana Hampson: Rod dancing
• Ben McEwen: Draw yourself drawing Grimshaw drawing Marta drawing you...

So yeah. Expect more stuff to come.
Hope everyone's had a great week and will ave a truly spectacular weekend.

(This blog post was brought to you by the Geelong regional railway station. Think nowhere, Think Geelong)

May 22, 2011


Donated plasma yesterday, and did some sketching to keep myself from falling asleep. Something about having blood removed from your body, run through a centrifuge, then run back into your body four or five times makes me kinda sleepy.

Girls with animals for hair. They're not wigs, it's more of a symbiotic relationship.

Also in there is the little symbol from the monitor for 'blood coming out' and 'blood returning'.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend,

May 18, 2011


So Seth MacFarlane now has the rights to rehash the Flintstones the other day, and the facebook-space and twitter-verse exploded into an animation fuelled gastric upset of recoil and shudderment. (I may be exadurating a little...)

That is until the ever wise Aaron said "instead of complaining about a reboot of a classic, I thought, well how would I do it? Any sketchy pals want to have a go at The Flintstones redo too?"

So this is my go at it:

Hope everyone's having a magical Wednesday afternoon,

May 14, 2011

Kid-eating Horse

Heya everyone,
Long time between posts, I know...

Here's just a quick flash sketch of a kid-eating horse suggested by Marta...

Not to be confused with a kid eating horse...

I'm in the process of making a loop for the new LoopDeLoop, but we'll see...
Hope everyone's having a great weekend,