I'm an Australian animator from Melbourne living and working in Halifax, Canada.

Currently Animation Supervisor for Copernicus Studio Inc., I amuse myself by terrifying the locals with ukulele fuelled spontaneous sing-alongs and using snow as shaving equipment.

If you want to see more you can check out webbot15.com, and we've also got a nice bunch of links below that'll take you wherever you want to go.
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Jul 23, 2012

...and then music happend?

Sooo... updates huh... Just not a thing that happens much these days. And I'm sorry for that. But I did write a song a little while back. It's about animation.
Inspired by @KtShy's tweet about working on a Friday night and suggested by @Fluxfoxphoto.

Think of this not as a polished song, but a sketch of one. A rough draft, mostly keys and breakdowns. A pencil test. Still needs to go through cleanup. Get some compositing done to it.

 ...except the sound version of all of that...

I was featured in the Shanahanigans Travel Show: TCAF 2012!!!

I'm not sure if I ever got around to gushing about how totally amazing TCAF was. Got to spend the weekend with my good friend Laura (Who totally has an awesome FB page. You should check it out)
Met up with many of the Aussie folk, 'specially the Squishface Studio mob and Caravan of Comics.
And I met the Siblings Shanahan! Who are totally half the reason I wanted to ever come to Canada!
There were so many awesome artists and wonderful people and awesome and how freaking long does Younge Street need to be!? I mean seriously!?

 Hope everyone's having a great day and are sleeping at some point,

Dec 7, 2011

Dec Daily 7 - Zoetrope

Hi Diddly dee,
As mentioned before my laptop's getting fixed, so I've had to find alternative ways to animate.

Made from a bin from officeworks suspended from my microphone stand by an old shoelace. And because I used a whiteboard marker I can re-use it.
The great thing is that not only does the bin have the slits pre-made, it also allows for exactly for a 16 frame loop.
Hope everyone's having a great day,

Nov 30, 2011

Pollenatin 'n' Penetratin'

Hey howdey hey!
This month, Loop De Loop teamed up with YEAH (Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS) and celebrated with the theme of Condoms. This is my submission. A musical Public Service Announcement about the benefits of wearing a condom. It has sock puppets, awkward pauses and references to 'junk'.

And yes, I both wrote and sung the song. The drummer from Rise from Ruin was kind enough let me record his drumming for this. Also, he's my little brother, so I would've told on him to Mum if he didn't.

In similarly related news, it's Spring. And the trees near my apartment are spreading their seed.

In other other news, I'll be attempting a blog post every day for the month of December. Whether it be a drawing or animation or something else, I don't know. But it'll be something.
Hope you're all having a grand day,

Jun 24, 2011

Youth animation, scribbles, and why I haven't done those requests...

So, sorry for the lack of...well, everything, but I've been super busy the past few weeks.

Firstly, I was hired by 'Committee for Geelong' to make some short animations for a presentation relating to a project for helping out youths with troubled upbringings.

It's not the usual tone I work with, but I think it worked out pretty well for the timeframe I had. It was really interesting making something dramatic. The music track is 'A Time To Mourn' by Charles Schlacter from royaltyfreemusiclibrary.com.

Also I've been flat chat animating on a pilot, which has been super dooper fun!

...and I know I haven't gotten to the rest of those drawing requests, but I'm getting to them! Really I am.
I just need to sleep a bit first...

in the meantime, here's a couple of sketches I scribbled.

Hope everyone's having a great night,

May 27, 2011

Rocketeer and requests

This week's been like a dream. More specifically: it's been like I wasn't sure if I was asleep for most of it and I've come out of it feeling confused. Yup, dreams are like that. But guess what!?

This is my submissions for Loop-de-loop, a monthly animation challenge. A rocketeer and his not so carbon neutral traveling accomplice.

I'm really happy with how this turned out. The run cycle has a bit of sloppiness to it (mostly because the legs change proportion I think) but it was my first real attempt at blasts of fire, which I think turned out pretty well. And thank to my little brother, Chris, for his awesome drumming.
It'll be screening at the loop bar next Tuesday as part of Loop-de-loop. For more details just follow the link back up above the video.

And in an effort to draw more, I've recently taken on some requests. Below is the list and I'll be posting them here as I does 'em.
Which'll be much easier now that my loop is outta the way :P

• Michael Lombardi Draw you and me reunited at last...in battle against an evil panda bear in a funny hat
• Sandra Chiang: yeah i want a rotten onion man meeting cherry radish lady, please!
• Allira Ebony: Zombie Jesus!
• Sebastian Berto :hello kitty jesus with slaughter mandibles and diamond exoskeleton
• Jc Reyes: draw little johnny actaully being funny..... take that!
• Timothy Merks: a giant overweight man being chased by a little leprechaun
• Ben Grimshaw: a voltron-like character fighting a giant grandma, on a volcanic planet
• Pol Sigerson: a live squid coming out of a plastic bag in zero gravity.
• Aaron Burton: you stalking the original Where's Wally in a bid to replace him
• Nicholas Lynn: "A man who ponders life in a world with space dinosaurs"
• Lana Hampson: Rod dancing
• Ben McEwen: Draw yourself drawing Grimshaw drawing Marta drawing you...

So yeah. Expect more stuff to come.
Hope everyone's had a great week and will ave a truly spectacular weekend.

(This blog post was brought to you by the Geelong regional railway station. Think nowhere, Think Geelong)

Mar 8, 2011

Bike animation - WIP 1

Hey there everyone,
Here's an update on that animation I talked about a while ago.

I thought it'd be a fun exercise to see how complex and refined I could get a shot of frame-by-frame animation without the constrains of deadlines and the inevitable 'eh, close enough. Onto the next...'

This is the finished rough layer. I've found I've been slightly adjusting timing and poses as I clean up, but this is what I've been working off. O, and don't worry. They aren't nekid or bald. Details like that come in the Cleanup stage.

I must admit that I cheated a bit in that I started cleaning up before the last part of this was roughed out. And as it is I've deliberately put in blank keyframes near the end because a) I find doing too many in-betweens in the rough stage leads to disasters of my own doing; and b) leaving them as holds makes the flickering clash with the other character layer.

I've been slowly working on this since between Christmas and New Years, and am liking my progress. I've cleaned-up the key poses up to the bit where the girl is thrown upwards, and've already discovered some things I'll need to work on in the future. Proportions being the main one.

But, it's all a learning process, and as I said I am happy with how it's turning out. (Though haven't yet decided whether I'll leave it on two's or die a thousand deaths and do it on ones... hrmmm, decisions)

Anyways, I hope everyone's evening is being a splendid one,
and may your immediate proximity be filled with scrumptiousness,

Mar 2, 2011

The Little Johnny Movie

Heya everyone,
From August through November of last year I had the great opportunity to animate on the Little Johnny Movie!

(Heads up. The trailer's NSFW)

To quote the website:
"Produced by Instinct Entertainment in association with Studio Moshi, 'Little Johnny The Movie’ celebrates the wrongest jokes ever told. It‘s a coming of age story that’s brimming with irreverent humour, larger-than-life characters, and crackling action to boot!"

It'll be screening throughout the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this April and I'm super excited to see it all together on the big screen. All the ticket info can be found here.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend,

Feb 21, 2011

At the moment

Hey everyone,
Hope you all had a great weekend 'n' stuff.
This is something I finished a while ago, but couldn't show you because the site wasn't live.
Where I'm currently working, I was asked to create a short animation sort of detailing the process we go through to make web banner ads. (my job is essentially the guy in the blue)

You can watch it here as it's an embedded .swf.

So yeah. Though I it took a while to finish, I didn't have much time to do it as the banners were the priority, hence there's a LOT of reuse and the characters switch between frame by frame and tween every now and again. But it was fun! And got to more or less board the whole thing up myself.

Molto bene lunedi per tutti, and I hope you all have a great Monday.
Good luck for the week,

Feb 8, 2011

Pen Hair-clips

I'm in dire need of a haircut, and've been using pens and sharpies to keep my hair outta my eyes.
Just a quick rough muck around during lunch.

Hope everyone's having a great Tuesday arvo,

(oh, that's not meant to be me, that's meant to be a girl. Though practical, the pens holding my hair back looks a bit creepy on a dude...)

Jan 19, 2011

S'not playing

Quick and tough animation done during lunchtime.
Hope everyone's having a phlegm and mucus free day,

Jan 18, 2011

Beard Video 3

Hey Everyone,
Tracey's coming back from holiday, so I thought removing my face scraggle'd be a good idea.

And now my head hurts, so I'm off to bed.
Should go back and count how many times I slapped myself in the face, but that can wait for another post :)
Hope everyone had a great start to the week,

*Edited using Quicktime Pro and Audacity.

Jan 14, 2011

Frame by Frame

Heya everyone,
Just a quick post about a bit of animation I'm working on.
I thought it'd be a fun exercise to see how complex and refined I could get a shot of frame-by-frame animation without the constrains of deadlines and the inevitable 'eh, close enough. Onto the next...'

This is a cleaned up image of one of my favourite frames with the rough underneath.

It's not going to be finished for a while, but I wanted to share anyway. I'm about a third of the way through cleaning up the roughs (of which, the end still needs a bit of work)
At 13 seconds, It may be a bit short to submit to festivals and the like but -shrug- we'll see.

Hope everyone's having a great start to the weekend,

Oh, while I've got you here,
As some of you may or may not know, The state of Queensland here in Australia has been completely devastated by floods.
If you want to help out the relief appeal, you can find the site here.

Jan 10, 2011

The Gordon Recognises Geelong Banner Ads!

A little while ago I did an animation for the Gordon Insitiute of TAFE

Well, they recently asked me to make some banner ads for the The Geelong Advertiser frontpage! They'll be up in all their banner ad-ed-ness from today until the 20th.
I found it exciting!

Coincidently, banner ads are my full time job at the moment. It was kinda funny like that.

Hope everyone's having a great evening,

Nov 30, 2010

Balloon Test

I've been thinking for a little while now that animating a balloon character would be fun. It'd really let you concentrate on expression and line of movement.
I quickly animated this during lunchtime and did a batch process with photoshop on the balloon layer. Compositing had to wait till after work.

What I found surprisingly emotive was the silly little knot at the end of the balloon.

On a slightly related but kinda not note, the RMIT BA-AIM graduate screening was tonight. (that link is to the graduation of a couple of years back. But you get the idea.)
Holy crap-spackle! Some of the animators coming up through that place have me worried for my future employment.
If I can ever find some of the animations I saw tonight on the internet, you can be sure I'll post them here. There was one where a character fluidly did her makeup and fixed her hair WITH HER FEET! It blew my tiny little mind.

Hope everyone's having a great evening,

Nov 29, 2010

The Gordon Recognises Geelong

Yay! Three weeks of bumpy train travel and food court office space and it's finally done!
I was approached by the Gordon Insitiute of TAFE late October to create a 30-60 second animation promoting getting your skills assessed and certified. The Geelong Advertiser was also a media partner in this endeavour.

It was really fun to get back and do some frame-by-framing, though I forgot how much longer it takes. (and how much more the result is effected by bumpy train travel)
I even had a go at some effects animation!

My little brother helped my out big time by supplying some wicked circus beats for the music (which I butchered with my dodgy half-learned accordion and recorder playing)

You can expect more frequent posts now that this little chestnut is completed.
Hope everyone's having a great evening,

Nov 4, 2010

More face de-fuzzying

I'm trying not to make this blog about my beards, but I accidentally let it grow again.
And then I couldn't NOT try another video thing. But then I couldn't think of anything, so it got bigger....
Bottom line is, I've got a new beard video to share. I think this one looks more discomfortable than the previous.
Discomfortable? Surely that's not a word. -shrug-

BONUS DRIVEL! Me being an idiot in front of the camera! Hooray!

Hope you're all having a great evening,

Sep 22, 2010

A time almost forgotten

Here we are!
I take you back to a time long ago, when VHS tapes ruled the land, and 16:9 was a crazy-mans fantasy.
Not one, not four, but THREE poorly made animations created by myself and my siblings.
And by animations, I mean there's some animation in it... Anyway, you'll see.

I think that background's meant to make it look like a forrest... Also, we worked out we couldn't animate and talk at the same time, so we improvised.

This is my attempt at some serious animation. I think I tried copying the character design from chicken run. Tried...

Probably the most thought out and containing the most animation. Also, an intentional camera move! Crash zoom ahoy!

Hope you're all having a great day/night/inbetween,

Sep 15, 2010

In the Jungle

This was my entry for the Melbourne Animation Club's August theme of jungle.
I was working on this on the morning train to work and one of my fellow regulars was horrified at the ending I chose. I like that the hunter is British, and has a cup of tea ^^,

Sep 11, 2010

Viaggio nello Spazio

.....aaaaaand something old. Well, not that old... But not new anyways..
Entirely captured on holiday in Italy. Music captured from the streets of Venice. Edited back home though.

My July submission for The Melbourne Animation Club's monthly contest. Space theme.

Hope you're all having a great evening!

Sep 2, 2010

Never let a good beard go to waste.

So, I shaved my beard. I never intentionally grew one, I just got lazy and didn't shave for a couple of months.
Though it was kinda fun, and warm, I got a bit sick of it towards the end. Especially having to double check that food wasn't stuck in it.

At the same time, I couldn't just waste a perfectly good beard, now could I? So I made this... and now my face is cold... especially since it's winter.
I'm planning on making a comic about this. It'll be coming soon.