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Oct 23, 2010

DIY Shirt Prints

I've been meaning for a while to go through some of my old (and slightly grubby) t-shirts and put stuff on the front of them. (to cover the afore mentioned grubby)

The tricky thing is finding something you feel strongly enough about to have plastered on your shirt all day. So this first one is simply the (aproximate) hexadecimal RGB value of the shirt.

After trying to take photos of the shirt and getting an average value and comparing it to the shirt, I ened up taking the value from a character I'm animating at the moment with very similar colored sleeves.
It would've be slightly off due to lighting, shadows, and fading over time anyway.

Because I don't have any screen printing equipment and couldn't be bothered waiting for fabric paint to dry, I used a giant iron-on sprot number from Lincraft and cut it up. For the record, zeros give the most useable surface area.

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