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Mar 29, 2011

The Bunyip Festival

It is said that hidden away on the island in the middle of Lake Lorne, there lives a Bunyip.

Though he is a friendly Bunyip he only comes out once a year, because he's a bit of a hermit like that.
And so, every year, he walks from Lake Lorne, through the town of Drysdale, to one of the local schools.

This is what I grew up with. For the first four years of my schooling I went to Drysdale Primary school, where every year we'd join with Clifton Springs Primary School and have a great big fundraiser. And those photos above are actually the main street of Drysdale. Those painted 'footmarks' have been commonplace in that town since before I can remember. The Bunyip's right up there with the Easter Bunny or Santa down in good ol' 3222. It seemed a lot cooler growing up, but according to Mum it was.

But it's great, and I still enjoy it. There's cake stalls, a silent auction, bouncy castle rides, go carts. The local fire brigade come along and let kids wear the helmets and put on the sirens. It's great fun!

And let's not forget the all important sausage sizzle!

Best of all, you get to MEET the BUNYIP!

That's me on the left with the Bunyip, and Mum on the right with the Bunyip.
Truth be told, it's usually a grade six kid dressed up in there, but the whole thing is great fun!

Oh, and it's not the full Bunyip festival experience if you don't get your teeth stuck together with toffee from the cakes stall.

Anyway, that was my Saturday morning.
Hope everyone had a great weekend,


  1. Oh what are you still going? And i missed it!?! I definitely want an invite for next year.

    Are they still sharing it with Clifton Springs each year? Oh god I just saw the last photo. Disugust.

  2. Course I still go. It's the Bunyip Festival!
    Yup, next year it'll be at Clifton Springs. You should totally come. I mean you see everything there is to see in less than 2 hours, but it's still a fun, even just to see the old school again.

  3. What do you mean the bunyip footprints are painted?!!! Don't you know anything? His footprints are green cos he has trudged from the lake leaving algae in his wake!! He is REAL, just like SANTA and the EASTER BUNNY!! I hope the Easter Bunny doesn't read your post....he might forget to come.....ooooooohhhhhh aaaaaaaahhh :)

    What I was trying to say was that most things SEEM much better when you are younger as you see the awe and wonder in everything. Unfortunately as you get a little older you become a little more skeptical about the mystery of childhood "characters", one of which is the Bunyip..... xoxo