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Dec 20, 2011

Dec Daily 16 - Dropping the Ball


I think the thing I find hardest about drawing any sort of comic is that as an animator you'd have dozens of frames to show actions or impacts, even changes in gesture during dialogue. In comics you get one drawing. That's it.
I think I needed to show the ball in contact with my face... or maybe not have the ball flying towards me at all... maybe... I dunno. Practice makes perfect.

So yeah. I've well and truly dropped the ball on this Daily December thing. Between work suddenly going mental and everything else going even more mental (not to mention Christmas) it's just been a bit impossible for me.
But I'll do you a deal. It's 7:30 pm and I'm currently still at work. For every job I finish tonight, I'll also do a blog post. 
Regardless of if I make it to 20 or not before midnight, after this I'm gonna consider my Daily December challenge 'up to date'.

Catch you in an hour or two,

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