I'm an Australian animator from Melbourne living and working in Halifax, Canada.

Currently Animation Supervisor for Copernicus Studio Inc., I amuse myself by terrifying the locals with ukulele fuelled spontaneous sing-alongs and using snow as shaving equipment.

If you want to see more you can check out webbot15.com, and we've also got a nice bunch of links below that'll take you wherever you want to go.
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Jan 12, 2012

Nerd Trivia Relex

Hey everyone,
Been cleaning out and packing up my apartment and found this that I never posted...

Yup. I'm sure we've all done it. 
This was from an actually situation back at the banner ad place. I finished up there at the end of last year and have some very very VERY exciting stuff lined up for this year. Hence the packing of the apartment.
 Sorry, I will tell you soon. I honestly will. I just feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment and...
Just, don't worry. I'll tell you soon.

Hope you're all having a great day,

Dec 20, 2011

Dec Daily 17 - Space-Gal 3

Seriously, just don't mess with her.
Gonna leave work for home. Fingers crossed for another post form there because I have my laptop back!
...uuurrrggg... sooo tired...


Dec Daily 16 - Dropping the Ball


I think the thing I find hardest about drawing any sort of comic is that as an animator you'd have dozens of frames to show actions or impacts, even changes in gesture during dialogue. In comics you get one drawing. That's it.
I think I needed to show the ball in contact with my face... or maybe not have the ball flying towards me at all... maybe... I dunno. Practice makes perfect.

So yeah. I've well and truly dropped the ball on this Daily December thing. Between work suddenly going mental and everything else going even more mental (not to mention Christmas) it's just been a bit impossible for me.
But I'll do you a deal. It's 7:30 pm and I'm currently still at work. For every job I finish tonight, I'll also do a blog post. 
Regardless of if I make it to 20 or not before midnight, after this I'm gonna consider my Daily December challenge 'up to date'.

Catch you in an hour or two,

Dec 13, 2011

Dec Daily 13 - SpaceGal... again

Hello again!
Officially up to date now!
SpaceGal again, this time made pretty with colors and inks and stuff. 
Don't know her name yet, but I'm quite comfortable with the 'Gal' in her title. 
Because she has Sass. It doesn't show but she'd totally slap you upside the head with her sass.

Laptop is still getting fixed though... Apparently the logicboard is at the store they just need to install it.
Fingers crossed for getting it back tomorrow...

Hope everyone's Tuesday was swell,

Dec 8, 2011

Dec Daily 8 -The Siblings Shanahan

Hey there Dudes and Dudettes,
Today's illustration is...

Katie and Steven (Shaggy) Shanahan are barrel loads of awesome. Katies Webcomic Shurb Monkeys is fantastically funny, as is Shaggy's Talking to the Camera.

Sounding familiar? This is probably because back in July I posted about their kickstarter project Silly Kingdom. Welp, it's now 5 months later and the comic has not only been made, but made awesome.

These guys do amazing work. I could go on and on about how inspiring they are.

Oh, here's the original scan with photoshop scribbling over the top. Originally it was going to have a big evil u-stream chat thing in the background, but I couldn't get it to work.
The above was then inked in Flash and colored in Photoshop.

That's me for today,
Hope you've all had a super day,

Dec 6, 2011

Dec Daily 6 - Me, pretty much

Hey howdey hey,
Just a quick one tonight. Sketched up uickly before I leave work as I'm going to watch Student Films at the Astor tonight.

Self portrait of my looking rather blankly at my work computer.
Only a couple more posts till I've posted 100 times!
Hope you all're having a splendid week thus far,

Dec 5, 2011

Dec Daily 5 - DINOSAURUS

Afternoon awesome guys 'n' gals,
Looks like I'll be posting from work over the next few days (week tops) as my poor overworked laptop is off getting diagnosed and such.
Poor sick li'll thing... :(

Anyways, today I bring you... A DINOSAURUS!

The plan as it stands is for myself and Miss Marta Tesoro to get ourselves a table at next years Melbourne Supernova.
Currently, I have no actual plan as to what wears I'll be peddling, but was thinking of doing a series of illustrations on a theme or something, so I asked someone who always has a cool and interesting answer. Daniel aged 8-12.
And what did Daniel aged 8-12 say? Dinosaurs, Magnets, Outer Space and Volcanoes. So at this point, I think I'll make a book or something for him.
And you know, I think he'd like the above picture.
Catch you all on the morrow,
Have a good one,

Dec 4, 2011

Dev Daily 4 - Curves and Braddock

Hey Howdey Hey,
Quick plug before today's illustration.
A friend of mine David Blumenstien has turned his weekly comic Showman? The Bret Braddock Adventures into a trailer for Movie Extra WebFest (whose prize is $100,000 to make a webseries).
It's a tale of a man with more money than sense trying to make a kids show.
...Then less money than he promised.
A bunch of us pitched in with animation and backgrounds and I also had the great opportunity to voice one of the characters.

Head over and check it out.
It'd be awesome if you could vote for it too. The Bret Braddock Adventures

Today's drawing was an attempt at drawing a curvier woman. It was pointed out to me that all the females I draw have a very similar body type, so I though I'd try drawing someone a bit hippier.

I'm happy with it as an illustration, though again I think she turned out very similar to what I usually draw.
Hope everyone's had a great weekend,
Catch you tomorrow,

Dec 3, 2011

Dec Daily 3 - A crazy couple of days

Heya everyone,
Sorry this post is a tad very late. It's been a bit mental since yesterday morning...

It's all still a bit of a jumble but the main points seem to include dancing to almost collapse, cardboard constructed battle armour, lawn bowls, bowties, car boots and ukelele playing.
...yeah, that sounds right.

It was wonderful catching up with so many old friends, and singing on public transport with new ones. Drinking and bowling with work colleges, and daggy dancing and singing yourself hoarse with your family.

Sorry if my clarity's off. It's almost four in the morning.
And as much as I would've loved to've gone to that warhouse party, I honestly don't think my aching head would've made it very fun. Also I would've been far too worried about someone getting hurt in the boot of the car. I could think of nothing worse than something like that going wrong.
oooookaaaay... sleep time. Definitely.
Catch you later today for more fun and excitement!

Dec 1, 2011

Dec Daily 1 - Mandrake

Well hey there! Day one of doing a post a day for December. Tonight I saw Dr Strangelove for the fist time. With the Astor Cinema less than walking distance from my apartment I now no longer have an excuse not to've seen such films.

My favourite character was Captain Lionel Mandrake of the RAF. He was bewildered, but not stupid, and I really liked that.

Plus he had a fantastic mo. I mean COME ON! That mo was amazing!
Well, I seem to be off on a rolling start,
let's see how tomorrow goes, shall we...
G'night everyone,

Nov 30, 2011

Pollenatin 'n' Penetratin'

Hey howdey hey!
This month, Loop De Loop teamed up with YEAH (Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS) and celebrated with the theme of Condoms. This is my submission. A musical Public Service Announcement about the benefits of wearing a condom. It has sock puppets, awkward pauses and references to 'junk'.

And yes, I both wrote and sung the song. The drummer from Rise from Ruin was kind enough let me record his drumming for this. Also, he's my little brother, so I would've told on him to Mum if he didn't.

In similarly related news, it's Spring. And the trees near my apartment are spreading their seed.

In other other news, I'll be attempting a blog post every day for the month of December. Whether it be a drawing or animation or something else, I don't know. But it'll be something.
Hope you're all having a grand day,

Jul 22, 2011

Purple girl

Had a bit of a play with this one. Originally a full body inked sketch I did a LOT of tweaking and cropping in photoshop.
Also tried to choose colors I usually wouldn't. Purples are not colors I usually default to, and I found it really hard not to make her hair a more natural red and her top a green or blue.

Because I only posted yesterday, I'm gonna try and time delay this...

...>tinkering noises<....

Okay, in theory, this should post at 12:00 on Friday (Melbourne time) FIngers crossed.
Hope everyone's having a great day!

Jul 19, 2011

Space and Dinosaurs!

Got a bit sick of colors so today's post is coming at you in greayscale.
It only just occurred to me that a better common factor could've been Space-Dinosaurs.
...one can only dream...

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Jul 9, 2011

Request 4: hello kitty jesus with slaughter mandibles and diamond exoskeleton

Request Number 4 for Sebastian Berto: hello kitty jesus with slaughter mandibles and diamond exoskeleton.

Just a quick upload today since my laptop is dying. Badly dying... Sporadic shutdowns kinda dying.
Hope everyone's having a great weekend,

Jun 30, 2011

Request 3:Zombie Jesus

Request number three for Allira Ebony: Zombie Jesus!

I've found I need to look into something that's between a fineliner and a sharpie. Something that lays down a bit of ink too...

For the fun of it I tried roughing out in colored pencil and inking straight over the top (with afore mentioned fineliner and sharpies). I went a bit overboard with the border, but it was fun getting the nice effect with a super thick, slightly running out sharpie. gives it a nice texture.

Removed the blue with photoshop after scanning. ...and you can see the old arm that wasn't working well. Not a strong enough silhouette.

Hope everyone's having a great Thursday,
Don't let the lightning bugs into your harddrives,

Jun 1, 2011

Request 2: Vegetarian Meeting

Request number two for Sandra Chiang: yeah i want a rotten onion man meeting cherry radish lady, please!

Had a lot of fun tweaking the colors with this one. Getting a nice balance of pastels and textures 'n' stuff.
And yes, I've decided to do them in the order they were requested, though I've gone through and rough sketched/thumbnailed all of them in some way shape or form.

Anyways, should probably get some sleep, or something like it.
Hope you had a great Wednesday, and catch you all soon,

May 30, 2011

Request 1: Evil Panda II

Request 1 is done! eleven more to go.

Michael Lombardi: "Draw you and me reunited at last...in battle against an evil panda bear in a funny hat"

Okay so the image doesn't show us currently in battle with the panda, But it's a movie poster so it infers that the movie is about us battling the panda. Don't know why our weapons of choice are cutlery (or why/how this is a sequel), all I know is THAT DAMN PANDA STOLE THE FANCY HAT! And we're out to seek justice!

Hope everyone's had a great Monday,
Tomorrow night, Loop screening at loop bar!

May 27, 2011

Rocketeer and requests

This week's been like a dream. More specifically: it's been like I wasn't sure if I was asleep for most of it and I've come out of it feeling confused. Yup, dreams are like that. But guess what!?

This is my submissions for Loop-de-loop, a monthly animation challenge. A rocketeer and his not so carbon neutral traveling accomplice.

I'm really happy with how this turned out. The run cycle has a bit of sloppiness to it (mostly because the legs change proportion I think) but it was my first real attempt at blasts of fire, which I think turned out pretty well. And thank to my little brother, Chris, for his awesome drumming.
It'll be screening at the loop bar next Tuesday as part of Loop-de-loop. For more details just follow the link back up above the video.

And in an effort to draw more, I've recently taken on some requests. Below is the list and I'll be posting them here as I does 'em.
Which'll be much easier now that my loop is outta the way :P

• Michael Lombardi Draw you and me reunited at last...in battle against an evil panda bear in a funny hat
• Sandra Chiang: yeah i want a rotten onion man meeting cherry radish lady, please!
• Allira Ebony: Zombie Jesus!
• Sebastian Berto :hello kitty jesus with slaughter mandibles and diamond exoskeleton
• Jc Reyes: draw little johnny actaully being funny..... take that!
• Timothy Merks: a giant overweight man being chased by a little leprechaun
• Ben Grimshaw: a voltron-like character fighting a giant grandma, on a volcanic planet
• Pol Sigerson: a live squid coming out of a plastic bag in zero gravity.
• Aaron Burton: you stalking the original Where's Wally in a bid to replace him
• Nicholas Lynn: "A man who ponders life in a world with space dinosaurs"
• Lana Hampson: Rod dancing
• Ben McEwen: Draw yourself drawing Grimshaw drawing Marta drawing you...

So yeah. Expect more stuff to come.
Hope everyone's had a great week and will ave a truly spectacular weekend.

(This blog post was brought to you by the Geelong regional railway station. Think nowhere, Think Geelong)