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Currently Animation Supervisor for Copernicus Studio Inc., I amuse myself by terrifying the locals with ukulele fuelled spontaneous sing-alongs and using snow as shaving equipment.

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Dec 4, 2011

Dev Daily 4 - Curves and Braddock

Hey Howdey Hey,
Quick plug before today's illustration.
A friend of mine David Blumenstien has turned his weekly comic Showman? The Bret Braddock Adventures into a trailer for Movie Extra WebFest (whose prize is $100,000 to make a webseries).
It's a tale of a man with more money than sense trying to make a kids show.
...Then less money than he promised.
A bunch of us pitched in with animation and backgrounds and I also had the great opportunity to voice one of the characters.

Head over and check it out.
It'd be awesome if you could vote for it too. The Bret Braddock Adventures

Today's drawing was an attempt at drawing a curvier woman. It was pointed out to me that all the females I draw have a very similar body type, so I though I'd try drawing someone a bit hippier.

I'm happy with it as an illustration, though again I think she turned out very similar to what I usually draw.
Hope everyone's had a great weekend,
Catch you tomorrow,


  1. Hey Daniel, Just a tip on Curvy women- Don't draw them in a skirt, it hides everything, especially a knee length one. Jeans or leggings will work heaps better. And make the waist thinner to emphasize the hips.

  2. That would explain why she looked a lot hippier with the construction showing. I'll remember that for next time. Thanks Richard :D