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Dec 5, 2011

Dec Daily 5 - DINOSAURUS

Afternoon awesome guys 'n' gals,
Looks like I'll be posting from work over the next few days (week tops) as my poor overworked laptop is off getting diagnosed and such.
Poor sick li'll thing... :(

Anyways, today I bring you... A DINOSAURUS!

The plan as it stands is for myself and Miss Marta Tesoro to get ourselves a table at next years Melbourne Supernova.
Currently, I have no actual plan as to what wears I'll be peddling, but was thinking of doing a series of illustrations on a theme or something, so I asked someone who always has a cool and interesting answer. Daniel aged 8-12.
And what did Daniel aged 8-12 say? Dinosaurs, Magnets, Outer Space and Volcanoes. So at this point, I think I'll make a book or something for him.
And you know, I think he'd like the above picture.
Catch you all on the morrow,
Have a good one,

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