I'm an Australian animator from Melbourne living and working in Halifax, Canada.

Currently Animation Supervisor for Copernicus Studio Inc., I amuse myself by terrifying the locals with ukulele fuelled spontaneous sing-alongs and using snow as shaving equipment.

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Sep 3, 2012

No Kangaroos in Canada - A Song

Hi Guys,
Got a new song up. Well it's an old song, I wrote it about 6 months ago, but I've only just gotten around to recording it.

I tried to write it with both Aussie and Canadian jokes in mind. Outside of those two demographics I'm not sure how much of it makes sense...

Eh.. I like it anyways!

Hope you're all having a great day,

Jul 23, 2012

...and then music happend?

Sooo... updates huh... Just not a thing that happens much these days. And I'm sorry for that. But I did write a song a little while back. It's about animation.
Inspired by @KtShy's tweet about working on a Friday night and suggested by @Fluxfoxphoto.

Think of this not as a polished song, but a sketch of one. A rough draft, mostly keys and breakdowns. A pencil test. Still needs to go through cleanup. Get some compositing done to it.

 ...except the sound version of all of that...

I was featured in the Shanahanigans Travel Show: TCAF 2012!!!

I'm not sure if I ever got around to gushing about how totally amazing TCAF was. Got to spend the weekend with my good friend Laura (Who totally has an awesome FB page. You should check it out)
Met up with many of the Aussie folk, 'specially the Squishface Studio mob and Caravan of Comics.
And I met the Siblings Shanahan! Who are totally half the reason I wanted to ever come to Canada!
There were so many awesome artists and wonderful people and awesome and how freaking long does Younge Street need to be!? I mean seriously!?

 Hope everyone's having a great day and are sleeping at some point,

Jun 5, 2012

You can't waste a perfectly good beard #6

Hey guys,
Sorry for two months worth of nothing. Got home early tonight (And by early, I mean on time-ish) and this happened...

SOOooooo... I'm now animation supervisor. The studio I'm working for needed an animation supervisor and asked me if I'd be up for it and I said yes.
I've never worked so hard in my life but everything seems to be going well so far.
Also moved since my last post. Moved twice actually... It's been a busy couple of months.

Anyway, Sorry for the lateness.
I honestly have no idea when (or what) I'll be posting next. Sorry.
Hope everyone's having a great day,

Mar 31, 2012


Heya everyone.

So I've recently acquired an awesome mug for work.
It's thick and big and has blue in it but that's not what makes it awesome.

What makes it awesome is you can draw on the outside with whiteboard markers!

Thought I'd just pick out some of the better ones.
I've been instagram-ing them to my twitter account. Actually it's just about the ONLY thing I use instagram for...

Makes tea time a fun and creative experience :D
Hope you're all having a great day,