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Oct 28, 2010

What is a bicycle?

As previously mentioned, I've stared a new job.
In the past I've caught metro trains from Southern Cross station to get to work, but as my new work is in South Melbourne I've decided to get in a bit of exercise and make my own way down there by means of the Melbourne Share Bike Things.

They're pretty good. You swipe your card, take a bike, ride it to where you want, dump it at the next station.
The bikes only have 3 gears (which sucks hard!) but besides that they're easy to ride.

What I'm finding difficult, nay HORRIBLE, is navigating Melbourne traffic. Mainly, am I a vehicle or a pedestrian?
Both options seem ridiculous to me.
Between my lack of stamina and my 3 gears, I'm far too slow to compete with cars. Yet surely I'm too fast and cumbersome for the footpath.
...I think I'm rather screwed either way...

Please, if you have any advice or anything, let me know, because my morning and evening commute just became a whole lot scarier.

(On a smaller note, it turns out I can't make it from South Melbourne to Prahran and back in a lunch break)

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