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Nov 23, 2010

IF: Sneaky

*Edit: Sorry for the double post on Illustration Friday. One of the links doesn't work. Congratulations on clicking the live one! Hooray!

Like an idiot, I forgot my wacom stylus at home yesterday. So for this weeks Illustration Friday I whacked out the 'ol sketchpad and scrounged up whatever markers I could find in the bottom of my bag on the way home last night.

Each of the colors is a different sheet of paper, because I still wanted to be able to play with the colors and layers in photoshop. The window of the train made an excellent lightbox.

But it didn't make much sence without a background, so I made a couple of extra layers this morning.

She's sneaking all the chocolate out of the firdge.

Hope everyone's had a great start to the week,


  1. But what about the peanut butter???

  2. Maybe that's what she was about to go for? Maybe that's what she's already got in her mouth! :D