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Mar 31, 2012


Heya everyone.

So I've recently acquired an awesome mug for work.
It's thick and big and has blue in it but that's not what makes it awesome.

What makes it awesome is you can draw on the outside with whiteboard markers!

Thought I'd just pick out some of the better ones.
I've been instagram-ing them to my twitter account. Actually it's just about the ONLY thing I use instagram for...

Makes tea time a fun and creative experience :D
Hope you're all having a great day,

1 comment:

  1. XD I've been seeing these on your twitter, how Mugtastic! Awwww, look at the shocked one at top right. X)

    Quick patent and sell blank mugs & whiteboard markers for a bajillion dollars! Bonus points if you can get flavoured whiteboard markers. Mmmm arty & delicious.