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Mar 21, 2012

A weekend of Drinking: THE MUSICAL!

Hey howdey hey awesome guys and gals!
Sorry for a bit of a slow upload lately. Insert the regular excuses here.
But hey! You get a song! That's worth the wait, yeah?

There's a weekly drawing challenge going on at the studio, where every week we get a new theme and draw up a bunch of drawings to that theme.
So this is that, except instead of doing a drawing, I'm attempting to write a song to that theme...

Week one's theme was: John in a tree.

Head's up, This song Contains a swear word. The 'F' one...

The theme was inspired by a 'got drunk on the weekend' story one of the fine respectable fellows here told us. I then elaborated on this story.

Honestly, I'm quite proud of this song. It's a bit Piano Man and a bit Home for a Rest (a common bar song in Halifax it would seem)
I'll eventually do a nicer recording with stuff like drums and bass, but that'll be a long way off.

I'm going to spend tonight chucking a bunch of time delay posts up that should last a little while.
And I've already written a song for this weeks theme (Zombie Apocalypse) So there's that to look forward to. As well as a song titled "there's no Kangaroos in Canada". I just need to learn the 'French' bit.

So, till next time, hope you're all having a fantastic day,

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