I'm an Australian animator from Melbourne living and working in Halifax, Canada.

Currently Animation Supervisor for Copernicus Studio Inc., I amuse myself by terrifying the locals with ukulele fuelled spontaneous sing-alongs and using snow as shaving equipment.

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Mar 31, 2012


Heya everyone.

So I've recently acquired an awesome mug for work.
It's thick and big and has blue in it but that's not what makes it awesome.

What makes it awesome is you can draw on the outside with whiteboard markers!

Thought I'd just pick out some of the better ones.
I've been instagram-ing them to my twitter account. Actually it's just about the ONLY thing I use instagram for...

Makes tea time a fun and creative experience :D
Hope you're all having a great day,

Mar 27, 2012

Dr Sketchy's

Hey howdey hey!

Something you may or may not know is I've never really done life drawing.
We had a short 4 week stint of it at uni, but seeing as the first class resulted in me running out of the studio and headlong into a wall I'ce been hesitant to go back.

I know it'll improve my drawing and the human body is nothing to be ashamed of, but my tiny little brain just wasn't ready for that.

So, for the first time ever I've been to life drawing!
...clothed life drawing, but life drawing none the less.

Sorry for the dodgy quality. My phone is currently serving as my scanner, video camera and photo machine.

Dr Sketchy's in Halifax have hosted it twice since I've been here and It's great fun.
I don't always draw exactly what I see, and sometimes outright just cartoonify the model, but it's fun and I'm drawing and that's the main thing.

Hope everyone's day is being splendid,

Mar 24, 2012

ANZACS: Catnip For Canadians


So, I've discovered there is a limited number of things I can cook confidently and cook well.
As long as I follow the recipe I'll get most things right, but there's a couple of things I can go back to and know pretty much how it'll turn out.

Bolognese is one, and it seems ANZAC biscuits are another.

We hit a rough patch at work, meaning people were eating most of their meals at the studio, so I thought I'd whip up a batch of good ol' Aussie ANZACs.

I don't know if it was because we were all so tired or because they were something new and different but a Quadruple batch was successfully devoured in 15 minutes flat. And I felt quite proud about that :D

Hope you're all having a grand old day,

Mar 21, 2012

A weekend of Drinking: THE MUSICAL!

Hey howdey hey awesome guys and gals!
Sorry for a bit of a slow upload lately. Insert the regular excuses here.
But hey! You get a song! That's worth the wait, yeah?

There's a weekly drawing challenge going on at the studio, where every week we get a new theme and draw up a bunch of drawings to that theme.
So this is that, except instead of doing a drawing, I'm attempting to write a song to that theme...

Week one's theme was: John in a tree.

Head's up, This song Contains a swear word. The 'F' one...

The theme was inspired by a 'got drunk on the weekend' story one of the fine respectable fellows here told us. I then elaborated on this story.

Honestly, I'm quite proud of this song. It's a bit Piano Man and a bit Home for a Rest (a common bar song in Halifax it would seem)
I'll eventually do a nicer recording with stuff like drums and bass, but that'll be a long way off.

I'm going to spend tonight chucking a bunch of time delay posts up that should last a little while.
And I've already written a song for this weeks theme (Zombie Apocalypse) So there's that to look forward to. As well as a song titled "there's no Kangaroos in Canada". I just need to learn the 'French' bit.

So, till next time, hope you're all having a fantastic day,

Mar 1, 2012

You can't waste a perfectly good beard #5

Heya everyone!
Once again I have de-bearded.

Sorry for the low quality. I recorded this off my phone.
I've been hanging out for a decent slab of snow for sooooo long!
That morning we made a snowman and I did a snow angel and we had a snowball fight! SNOW!!!

Hope you're all having a terrific day,